Executive Recruitment

SUBV employs one of the most successful executive recruitment strategies in the HR industry, utilising a highly predictive methodology that is backed by a 12 month performance guarantee. Our approach is unique; combining proactive candidate sourcing techniques with predictive recruitment methodology to produce results that are twice as effective as any other.

Candidate sourcing. Using a range of search techniques including press, online, social media, and the mining of our own database of 75,000 potential candidates, we design a tailored campaign to identify the best possible prospects.
Competency based recruitment (CBR). This process involves analysing and dissecting the position to decipher the real world outcomes (RWOs) and the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to achieve those RWOs. Specific behavioural interview questions are designed around the competency analysis, providing a vastly superior predictive process for effective interviewing.
Culture Match. Corporate culture is an important factor in attracting the right type of employee. Our CBR process allows us to objectively assess the organisational culture, and effectively match candidates to those values, beliefs and behaviours.
Psychological Assessment. Using the most predictive combination of mental ability, integrity and personality assessments on the preferred candidates, SUBV is able to accurately predict successful recruitment outcomes. Psychological testing also provides invaluable information on effective management of the new recruit.