Interview Tips
Preparation - what can you do to give yourself the best chance? 
1.  Research the company – ownership, structure, turnover and profitability, competitors, market position, future plans for development, size,  history, products, competitors, etc. 
 2. Web sites 
 3. Annual reports 
 4. Media Releases 
 5. Have clear, well reasoned reasons as to why you want this job. 
 6. Carefully read the advertisement and position  description (if you have one) and highlight the key requirements. 
 7. Identify things you have done which relate to the skills required by the job. 
 8. Rehearse explaining those achievements - get someone to listen to you. 
 9. Prepare two or three good questions to ask. 
 10. Prepare your answers to common interview questions including your strengths, weaknesses, 
career goals, ideal working environment, etc.  The internet offers a range of resources to help 
you with general interview questions and questions around your particular field or job role. 
 11. People who have done this perform far better in interviews. 
How to present yourself. What to wear? 
 1. Tailor it to the situation, but if you are not sure, more formal is the best bet
First impressions 
 1. The 60/20/20 rule – you make 60% of your impression in the first few minutes of the interview and 20% in the last 10 minutes.  This means that around 80% of the impression you leave is created in a 15 minute window.  Make this time count! 
 2. Maintain good eye contact.  If there is more than one person at the interview, talk to both or all of them. 
 3. Body language - Stay attentive during the job interview.  You might demonstrate this by sitting upright and leaning slightly forward in your chair.   
 4. Be punctual. 
Golden rules for interviews
  1. Be positive - everything can be expressed as a positive. 
 2. Listen - the best interviewees  are often the best listeners.   If you are not sure you have understood the question ask for clarification. 
 3. Express enthusiasm, attentiveness and keenness. 
 4. Finish well.  Thank them for the opportunity and repeat that you are keen to do the job.